A safe place to talk about it.
Whatever "it" might be, Code Word empowers anyone access to a safe and trusted network of allies for immediate support.
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Code Word is a crisis intervention solution for people who need help right away.

More than a text. More than a call.

Code Word lets your network know you need help, or just need to talk, in a protected and mutually understood way, and alerts your allies even when they may not be readily available.
How it works
Choose Your Allies
Invite friends or family members that you want to use Code Word with.
Create and share a Code Word
Select a unique word or phrase that you and your ally will use to signify when you’re in need of help
Reach Out
If the moment comes, send your allies your Code Word and they’ll be alerted, any time of the day or night
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Our Mission
We exist to save lives by offering immediate assistance during moments of crisis. We envision a world where mental health is destigmatized, free from shame or judgment, and where everyone feels empowered to openly discuss and address their mental health needs.
Eric Lovold
Co-Founder and CEO
Meet Eric Lovold, a valued team member of Code Word, contributing to the transformation of crisis intervention. Under Eric's empathetic guidance, Code Word is more than traditional methods—it's a discreet and protective way to signal the need for immediate help. Eric and the team emphasize Code Word as a lifeline for individuals dealing with mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts, acting as a hub for comprehensive support across various needs.
Paul Gardner
Co-Founder and CCO
Paul leads the creative endeavors at Code Word. With a passion for healthcare innovation, he approaches design by prioritizing user experience and solving real human problems. His leadership inspires the team to push boundaries and to embrace ambiguity and curiosity, driving our mission forward with passion and purpose.
Mark Meier
Co-Founder and Partner
Mark Meier, co-founder and partner of Code Word, is not only a licensed therapist, but also the compassionate leader of the Face It Foundation. Committed to empowering men in crisis, Mark's expertise enhances Code Word's mission. Through Face It, he has helped establish a powerful network and peer support model, reflecting his dedication to creating transformative support for individuals facing challenges.
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How to have the conversation.
When you are talking with someone who is reporting that they are struggling with depression or may be considering ending their life, it is important to consider how to navigate and facilitate the conversation. This is a guide to help you navigate difficult conversations and to equip you with tools to create a safe space for a productive dialog.
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